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Buyers and Sellers of real estate deserve the truth, responsiveness and information. Let me show you why Southwest Florida is a great place to live and invest in real estate.



The Cottages at Brendan Cove is a 22 home subdivision located within the gates of Brendan Cove.  The project is now built out and only resales are availble.   There are three floor plans from which to choose.  The property pictured, The Aruba, is approximately 1925 square foot of living space.  P...
Isn't this a pretty site?   On my way out of Moe's I went out through the courtyard and snapped this picture.  Besides the great wooden boardwalk dining and lake view with swans, yes swans, Moe's offers great southwest cuisine made fresh, to order and served fast.If you've never been to a Moe's y...
To the rest of the world this looks just like any other car carrier.  I saw the first one last week while I was at dinner at Wylds Cafe.   It drove by and I shrieked.  My dinner guest is from the Carolinas and was surprised it was such a big deal.  I thought it could be a fluke and then today, ri...
Apparently it's shrouded in secrecy -  The Estero High Shool Football Schedule - but if you do enough digging on the internet, you'll find pay dirt!  I found everything on the Bonita Banner site including the Hurricane WV development report. ;)  I promised the cheerleading coach, Belinda Zivich, ...
You've all been waiting for the HUGE announcement and the Ice Cream Carnival awards ceremony.  Thank you to all the great contestants that clawed and scratched to the top in search of ... nothing.  You've reached the pinnacle! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating and not being ...
There's a commercial on TV that I think is clever and funny.  In the commercial there is this father that is holding one of the black and yellow "Dummies guide to:" books.  I think his copy is The Dummies Guide to Teenagers.  He's trying to learn how to identify with his kid and he's reading the ...
There are a handful of Starbucks in Bonita Springs.  I snapped a photo of Starbucks at the Promenade across the hall from Premier Properties.  The Promenade is also the home of Ben and Jerry's, Silver Spoon Restaurant and several other great shoppes.The Promenade is located at the northwest corne...
Heya Herb Hamilton, ya like that title?  I tried to get in the seat part, but my thighs won't fit through the openings since I threw the Ice Cream Carnival with no points for prizes - the deadline is noon 8-27-07 Eastern. Here are the current entries: Carnival of Ice Cream - 24 Hour Warning Much ...
If you're an owner patiently waiting for completion or an investor that may be interested in The Residences at Coconut Point, enjoy the photo tour of the buildings.  The mall side of the buildings is visually complete and the side of the buildings facing The Brooks is entering the homes stetch.  ...
Like it or not this stinkin' Carnival is going on.  There's only 24 hours until the fat lady sings (no pun intended)!!Here's the scoop if you want to participate: Click here for the pretty post about it Carnival of Ice Cream - The Real Scoop This is the nutshell version:Treat your friend, friends...

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Buyers and Sellers of real estate deserve the truth, reponsiveness and information. Let me show you why Southwest Florida is a great place to live and invest in real estate.

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