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Home for Sale in Circle G Meadows - Circle G Meadows Home for Sale- Circle G Meadows subdivision is located rapidly growing city of Gilbert Arizona. Neighborhood contains 170 improved lots with 54% of them have pools.  Average sq ft per home is approximately 2183. Located within a mile of the US ...
  The Kyrene School District has always attracted home buyers who are looking for the best schools for their children.  Kyrene has a 92% parent approval rating and has consistent high achievement scores.  Employees of Honeywell, Intel, Insight, Motorola, Microchip , Avnet,  and Arizona State Univ...
  When buyers ask  about these intruders, I tell them they are the exception and not the rule.  I have lived in the beautiful East Valley of Phoenix Arizona and sold real estate for many years.  I have never seen a coyote, seen 1 roof rat (I think) and never even saw a scorpion until I had lived ...
Most of us probably remember the childhood fable about Chicken Little. Chicken Little is walking one day and gets hit in the head with an acorn. Immediately, she assumes that the sky is falling and sets out to tell the King. On the way, she meets other animals who decide to go with her. Depending...
I love the internet and all the information that I derive from it. Where else can you sit down on a computer and get most of your data you need for a particle neighborhood or home.We can look up demographics, crime stats and what our neighbors home sold for. We can even get a satellite view of th...
Recently, I had a listing appointment with a prospective home seller.  As we sat down in their over filled and over decorated living room, my eyes and attention began to focus on my surroundings. Looking around I noticed 70's vintage wall coverings, eclectic oddities and room decorations that spa...
Recently, I had a client tell me he's waiting to purchase a home, thinking home values will continue to drop. He's not alone, many buyers are fence sitting waiting to see what happens. What's the problem with this mind set? First, no one really knows what's going to happen. Yes, most likely we wi...

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