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We have been there, done that. We see that there is a need for this type of financing. Yes, I know this seems a little impossible but we developed it from scratch with plenty of money backing us.If you are looking for this type of financing, you are savvy.You must have notice that the banks are l...
Have you heard of us yet? If you haven't then you are missing out on making money in this market. Rules have changed:1) You may not be able to dry close anymore2) It is getting harder to purchase real estate anymore without 25% down at the closingWe have implemented 2 programs for all 50 states t...
Wholesaler Commercial Funding is the link between wholesalers/investors and PROFIT!We fund what MOST won't, so that you make money that MOST can't!Assigning will be a foreign word for most in the coming year. You can learn how to fund double close again right here from the CRH Organization.Across...
In rescent weeks our pipeline is so full, my partner and I have had a hard time finding time to sit down together and go over the situation. Between our real estate services, networking, and blogging, coffee is tough too. I would like to personally thank all that have been involved in keeping thi...
Mentoring ProgramGood Credit/no moneyBad credit/plenty of moneyLearn how to Wholesale Wholesaler Commercial Funding/Temporary Holds4-10% upfront2% per monthMust have the ability to escrow a % of the deal until soldAll deals are case by caseNo minimumMUST HAVE AN EXIT STRATEGY! Commercial FundingU...
205m @ 55+3 BPO - Sold180m @ 50+3 BPO- Sold120m @ 45+3 BPO - SoldThe development has 168 homesites, some of which offer ocean views, canyon views, golf course views 85 LOTS. Lots sell for 1.1mm - 2.4mm (USD) per lot 37 Lots do not infrastructure although are the high end lots of the property. Com...
Are you looking to purchase a property but want to close and then quickly refinance? We can help, we just want to see the details of the deal. Is it a large commercial deal? Do you have good credit? Do you have the 10% to escrow in the meantime? If you have all of this listed above, WE CAN HELP!I...
You have only a couple of reasons to be using our services:1. You need to fund the first side of your double close2. You need to hold on to a property for just a few more days after your contract is to expireWith only those two reasons to use our service, the tip is this:"Focus on moving the prop...
How many tools are in your belt? This tip is "Have an Inpsector look at your project".You know if you package your deal correctly, you have a "winner". You know there are alot of out-of-state buyers now, because of the price of our homes.If you have an inspector write a full inspection report, (e...
Wholesaler Funding is the link between Wholesaler/Investors and PROFIT!I realize that term may be being used generally, but here it is:The simultaneous close is running great now, it is time to unload the next great program.What if I told you that I had a program that could let you close on a pro...

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