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Don't laugh.  When I bought my first tripod a few years back, I did not know this.  When I figured it out, it was like a moment of divine revelation.  So just in case other members are just starting to use a tripod or monopod, and have not yet seen the light here it is:Your tripod or monopod will...
If you drive along Monte Vista Street, as it curves into Marmion Way at the base of Mount Washington, take a moment to glance up towards the West.  Yes, that is a teepee.  The teepee's owner is Shauna Turner, a registered native American Indian.  Shauna's goal is to create an inner City American ...
Photography Group members might also be interested in these photography related groups on Active Rain:Great Shots founded by Fran White in December 2006 andPhotoshop Elements for Real Estate founded by Photography Group's Mike Stankewick just this week.Take a look, join, add a blog (on-topic, of ...
Market activity in zip codes 90031, 90032, 90041, 90042, 90065 for March 19 through March 25, 2007 as reported in I-Tech MLSNew listings enteredPrice reductionsReported pendingReported sold and closed
Northeast Los Angeles is home to several flocks of Wild Parakeets.  That's right, they're Not Parrots, They're Parakeets.   Whatever the name, they are delightful.  They thrive in the palms and seed-bearing trees of Northeast Los Angeles.  They squawk and squabble and clown around.  They're socia...
New York Times Journalist Lisa Chamberlain recently visited NELA.  Her article published in today's New York Times profiles Northeast Los Angeles Local residents featured: Shannon Bedell and Shawn Bishop Apryl Lundsten and David Spancer Charles Fisher Bob Taylor   http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/2...
The other evening I tagged along with some close friends to Rod Stewart's Concert at the Staples Center.  Before heading out, I tossed my little Canon A700 in my purse, thinking that of all my small compact cameras, at 210mm equivalent, it had the longest telephoto.  Only this morning did I reali...
Judging by some of the comments over here, I figured I'd share a simple method for Windows users to transfer images to their computers by using Windows instead of photo album/upload software.  I am using Windows Classic Theme.  If you are using a different theme, your screen appearance will vary,...
Kodak V705 users:  Did you know your camera has Exposure Compensation?  You may not have known that.  It certainly is not mentioned in the 28 page manual.So what is Exposure Compensation, and why would you want it?  Remember the discussion of Auto Exposure in this blog, I AUTO Get Out More ?When ...
Today's digital cameras can do everything for you on automatic.  In fact, some of the small compact digi-cams don't even give you the choice of overriding the auto systems.  But knowing just what your camera is doing in auto mode can help you trouble-shoot and problem-solve if your camera isn't p...

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