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Been gone from Denver a few years - two years and 6 weeks to be exact. Got back to town a week ago today. Love it, Love it.So, to celebrate my first week back home, here's a little tribute to Denver...Denver Is.......FriendlyI've yet to leave the house for any sort of errand and not had a pleasan...
For Dog Lovers Only....I"m considering putting my dogs on a BARF diet (BARF = Bones and Raw Food). For many reasons, but the practical one is that we just moved from a home on four acres to a home on 4620 sqft and, well, dog poop is accumulating very quickly! I've heard that on a BARF diet, there...
As you may know, I'm currently in the process of moving from Alabama to Denver, literally. I loaded up the pups in the Subaru on Wednesday, drove to Paducah, KY, then onto Columbia, MO (where my family is), then to KC, MO (where more family is) and last night I stayed in Hays Kansas... just four ...
Movers are here, house is in shambles, dogs are pacing nervously. It's starting to sink in that I'm leaving Alabama. At this time tomorrow, I'll be pulling away from my dream house in the country, headed for the Rockies and my cute little (teeny-tiny) 1928 Bungalow in West Highlands, Denver, Colo...
Let's say I take a listing at $225,000 at an illustrative commission rate of 5%. The seller tells me he owes $210,000 on it. So far, so good; as long as we get a full price offer, everyone goes away happy (that is, we all get paid).But what if, oopsie, the seller actually owes $215,000 and we don...
I'm pulling my hair out this week. Trying to get ready to move, which, as you know, is utterly chaotic. Painters coming and going, carpet cleaners not showing up, my Realtor wants this and that from me... then the CHECK ENGINE light goes on in my car and my renters decide to go MIA (with no rent ...
I believe a great real estate agent is a master of her market. Simple as that. She focuses on a few geographic areas and knows them inside and out. She knows, from the address, whether or not that house is on the bus route or if that condo is subject to highway noise (e.g. the west side is okay; ...

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