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I recently had a friend who also happens to buy 4 to 10 properties a year from me refer me to another investor that as we talked he kept saying over and over Charles, James said you were THAT GUY. When I was looking for investment property to flip, property to hold and rent out for resale later, ...
Not all of them will close this month but all have come in and are currently looking. I have to admit I got this idea from my "By Referral Only" group and reworded it to fit my buyers agents. Dear Tenant, I recently sold a home to a tenant, probably just like you that lives in your apartment comp...
My wife and two of my daughters go to the same hair stylist every month as a standing appointment. The appointment is at 6:30 and always on a Tuesday. Throughout the year I get a phone call a month before their birthdays, at valentine and Christmas reminding me and asking if I would like flowers ...
This really worked for us and will work for you. Make a plan and stick to it.Publicity is a powerful tool for a business to get their message out to their customers.  Unlike advertising public relations is inexpensive; quite often, it’s free; and it has a greater impact.  Publicity has greater lo...
Food is the quickest and easiest way to a Realtors heart.Question for you all. Have you had any success with Broker Opens? I mean have you had a sale that resulted from a Broker Open? I know you get a good amount of broker traffic but at what cost and are the results worth it? I ask because I kno...
Well worht the read and please pay attention here if you are thinking about one.This isn't a sales pitch; it's some straight talk about the reverse mortgage market.  If you're considering a reverse mortgage, you ought to do it now.  Not tomorrow, not next year, The reverse mortgage marke...
Very inspirational and truly a good read with good points all around.Recently I asked a group of people over 65, "If you could live your life over, what would you do differently?" There were three answers: I’d take the time to stop and ask the big questions. I’d be more courageous and take more r...
Memories of my childhood came back this week as I walked into my local K-mart and heard those famous words " Blue Light Special " on isle 10. In the 70's especially around Christmas Mom would load up us 7 kids and head to the local K-mart where we would spend the day shopping and picking out what...

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