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Just  took a look at the FHFA HPI quarterly report and Colorado appears to be enjoying a relatively flat appreciation rate at just -0.2% for the previous 4 quarters ranking the Centennial State #6 in the country.   Considering that many states to our West are still seeing rates in the minus 7 to ...
I’m seeing some things happening in our market and I’m perplexed and looking for feedback. Let me set the stage:  The Fort Collins/Loveland unemployment rate is 6.1%.  For some perspective, Colorado’s unemployment rate is 8.1% and nationally we’re still hanging out at 9%.  The vacancy rate in Lar...
I know this is probably old hat by now, as I've seen this on a number of Facebook posts over the past couple of weeks but as I observe Black Friday from the safety and comfort of my own home, I thought I'd post this missive regarding Nordstrom's move to "celebrate one holiday at a time".   First ...
Are you on the road or in a rut?  In Part I of Caution! Road Work Ahead, I talked about looking for the road less traveled.  In this follow up, I'm interested in a more active approach in “destination management”.  As I thought more about the road signs I was seeing, I thought perhaps another mes...
I don’t know about your area but it seems that just about every road I’ve traveled lately has some sort of construction going on.  Even when I try to avoid the cone zones, I end up finding another road with work being done to it. Snarled traffic, late appointments, increased accidents & road rage...
 I live next to a river.  I live next to a river for a number of reasons but preeminent among them is that I am an avid fly-fisher.  I was wading out of the river one evening, enjoying that gorgeous time at the end of the day in early fall when the angle of the sun envelopes everything in a warm ...
Cruising through some recent posts at ActiveRain, I’m consistently amazed at how genuinely civil and supportive most people are!  It reminds me of what brokerage offices and Association membership meetings used to be like prior to the advent of email, cell phones, and texting.  People actually hu...
Cruising through the hundreds of emails that build up on a daily basis, I did happen to take a peek at the NAR Weekly Report that included a snippet about the latest of the FTC's rules that will impact how Real Estate Brokers communicate with their clients.  This rule is an attempt to minimize th...
While a tribute blog was not my intended launch into the ActiveRain community, the recent passing of Gus Williams' compels me to share. For those of you who have never heard of Gus, let this post be a 'best practices' for brokerage leadership.  Gus Williams, in partnership with the local develope...

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