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I remember when I was looking for colleges way back when. It was difficult to find one that really suited me, AND to find time to go out and do these things. Now the town of Cary, NC is getting involved! This is an awesome opportunity and I hope that everyone tells their child and takes advantage...
I just HAD to re-blog this when I saw it. UP! is such an adorable movie, and what an awesome event for the kids! They get to see the balloon and the movie, all for a very reasonable price. How awesome is that? tagged: Posted by The Cary Concierge in Cary NC, Events, Family Activities, Food How ex...
The Food Factory is amazing! They don't advertise as much as any other restaurants or food shops do. All of their positive reviews and popularity are based on WORD OF MOUTH! This is an excellent place to stop by if you want something phenomenal for lunch. tagged: Cary, featured, food, the cary co...

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