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Max Barton is a creative force who approaches real estate the same way he approaches life - with a passion for helping others build and create a stable path towards their own important dreams. Read More...
Success. It means so much to us here at the Chamberlain Group. Yet that simple word means something so much different to each and every person on our team. Read More...
Are you considering making a move to Calgary, and are wondering, is Calgary a good place to live? Well, keep reading! We got some amazing insights from people who recently moved to Calgary. Read More... 
Meet Randi Scheuerman, one of the finest real estate advisors in Chamberlain Real Estate Group.Over the last 13 years, Randi and her family have lived in several homes in Auburn Bay, Southeast Calgary. Read More..
Even though summer is in full swing real estate never stops, so let’s update you with what is going on in Calgary’s market!It is important to understand some numbers when getting into this market because not everything is as it appears in the headlines.Read More... 
As we hit the midway point of this smokey summer here in Calgary, the market has needed some breathing space like many Calgarians. And breathing is exactly what it is doing. Read More...
Do you plan to purchase a rental property in Calgary in the near future? There are three common mistakes investors make or overlook when they buy a rental property. It's good to know what these things are before purchasing anything.  Read More...
There are many things to look forward to this summer for every Calgarian. Just like the weather here, the market for real estate is so hot! In order to help you find the best areas to buy and sell, we compiled a list of the top 10 hottest communities right now.Read More... 
Max Barton is one of those unique people who always seems to be calm and collected, and one of the first things you’ll notice about him is that he loves using his intelligence to help people. That, and he has a really nice speaking voice.  Read More...
As we enter the summer and Alberta’s Open For Summer plan, could we see a difference in the coming market? Could we see a pullback and slow down? It’s tough to say for sure, but we do forecast seeing some breath in the market.Read More... 

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