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Hello All, What is a buyer listing service? Think of it as an MLS of buyers. That is, a site that would allow you, a Realtor, to post profiles detailing your buyers' specific homebuying wants and needs.... including: desired price range, location, beds, baths and any other more detailed wants/nee...
That's right, I said it! I created Real Estate 3.0 It's alive.... It's alive!!!!!Fear not, I am not nearly that arrogant. However, I did create something really cool in this lull, and now that I am getting busy doing "actual" home selling again, I don't have nearly the time I need to dedicate to ...
In September of 1908, Henry Ford released the first production Model-T automobile. Previous to the release of this car, horse-drawn carriage was the preferred mode of transportation. From 1908 into the late 1920's, carriage and buggy companies worked furiously to improve their product in order to...
With 1M Realtors out there at any given moment, it's a wonder any one agent can flourish. Well, at least it would seem that way, right? I've been in the business six years now, and with no arrogance intended, have been quite successful. Yes, even in this "down" market. Chalk it up to whatever you...
I have been under the now seemingly "old school" impression that you should  hang a SOLD sign on a listed property as soon as you have a mutually agreed upon and signed contract. Lately, I see more "Sale Pending" or "In Escrow" signs. I know both sides of the argument. Proponents say that a SOLD ...
My father has made a habit of catching me off-guard with mind bogglingly open-ended questions. To which no answer i have ever given has been totally correct. Today was no different. As i was enjoying my morning coffee at my desk the question came. "Corey", he said, "what gets a homebuyer excited?...
What is a BLS? "BLS" is, quite simply, a Buyer Listing Service. Instead of homesellers marketing what they have to sell, it is a forum in which homebuyers may detail the characteristics of the home which they are looking for. Sellers may then search for buyers based on their home's characteristic...

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