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Turning down the opportunity to get a First Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit from Uncle Sam is hard to pass up.  Obviously.  But what is the thought of prospective home buyer's buying a home only because of the $8000?  Is that doing the right thing FOR THE RIGHT REASON? As a Realtor, I may be slight...
"All Real Estate Is Local" is so relevant in today's market.  While the New Home Buyer Tax Credit has revived the long ailing first time buyer market, these buyer's are making more conservative choices than their counterparts in previous years.  "I want something that is least likely to drop in v...
Tomorrow one of my items on the "to do" list is write a letter to my Congressman and Senators.  I have to tell them about the offer I made two weeks ago and how it was rejected.  I have to tell them that it was the best of 3 offers put in on a bank owned home.  I have to tell them the offer was ...
As if we need more incentives for home buyer's to enter the market!!!  President Obama is expected to sign into law today the stimulus package aimed at helping our sagging economy toward a turn around.  Part of that plan is to offer an $8000 tax credit to first time home buyers. So in addition to...
Even before the stimulus package has been signed, I've heard nothing but complaints from the real estate industry.  Ok, so 8 isn't as good as 15.  Limiting to first time buyer's kind of stinks too.  Cheer up though!  In my market, the first time home buyer has been the person sitting on the side ...
Sometimes in life, I have to bounce off the proverbial "both walls" to find myself in the middle.   The middle is often where I want to be in many respects.  With this banking crisis, it was obvious to me and many others, that banks were off kilter for a long time.  Focused only on profits and ma...
Last week, I put down a fair amount of information on the downtown real estate market and provided the sales information about the area.  I also talked a bit about how the year of 2008 felt for a real estate professional (
Since the real estate market has gone into a full fledged downturn, we have learned a good deal about what went wrong, who is to blame, etc.  What some forget is that between 1998-2005, many areas had a real estate boom.  This boom had an affect on the publics perception about real estate.  How w...
One of the hot topics lately:  when will the real estate market begin its rebound from the turmoil of the past years decline? As a real estate professional that works full time in this market, I can go any number of directions on that one questions.   First off, is this market a bad thing?   For ...
Downtown St. Louis used to be a pretty dreary place.  The places that I walk today with prospective loft buyers are the same streets I walked as a much younger college kid looking for a wild night out.  When I walk downtown today, the first thing I see are, like many people, loft buildings with b...

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