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Hard money loans are an alternative form of financing. We explore the real estate world and options that hard money lenders can bring to the table.
We work with a lot of fix and flip investors on a day to day basis.  Many of our clients are looking to leverage existing homes to help finance ongoing acquisitions.  We have the ability to assist with this need using our no seasoning cash out investment property hard money loans.These no seasoni...
I work with a lot of real estate investors and other business people every day.  These people are contacting me because they need access to capital.  The use of that capital can vary, but that is why potential clients contact me.  One source of capital that often goes overlooked in my niche is ta...
Santa Clara and the surrounding areas have some of the highest real estate values in the country.  While that makes it an exceptional place to invest in real estate, it also means many investors need to use leverage to do so.  We have access to some high LTV Santa Clara hard money loans for inves...
In the commercial lending world, there are a number of reasons why a borrower would not want to offer a personal guarantee.  We have programs available for non recourse California commercial hard money bridge loans for these situations.One program we have access to will offer loan to value ratios...
With the wildfires in California coupled with the shortage of housing, there is a need for construction of new homes.  With that also comes the need for construction financing in California.  Many banks are not making construction loans.  We offer an alternative option with our California private...
For investors looking for higher leverage, we have some new programs available on our hard money products.  Our 80% LTV hard money loans in California offer some of the highest private money leverage available for both purchases and refinances.These products offer true 80% LTV hard money loans fo...
Oakland is a city often overlooked, but real estate in Oakland is red hot right now.  With Oakland's location and proximity to both San Francisco and the San Jose area, it is a great place to invest.  Due to this, we have some great high leverage Oakland hard money rehab loans for transactions in...
We specialize in California private hard money loans.  A lot of what we do does not fit in a traditional box.  Clients often come to us when they have had issues obtaining financing elsewhere.  Due to this, we do a lot of California private hard money loans for unique situations.  Many of these t...
Financing land can be difficult at best sometimes.  The loan to value ratios are lower, the property is not generating any income, and lending institutions often times do not want to entertain these types of loans.  We, on the other hand, are able to help finance California hard money lot loans.O...
We can help with various types of hard money loans throughout the state of California.  We specialize in private money financing, and work with various private indivisuals, groups and funds.  Often times these sources have specific niche funding available.  Today we were informed of such a situat...

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Hard money loans are an alternative form of financing. We explore the real estate world and options that hard money lenders can bring to the table. Chris Goulart, DRE Lic. # 01458390 NMLS Lic. # 298819 DWJ CA Broker Lic. # 01180522