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You Are Powerful. How The Housekeeper Saved a Life (and made mine better) at One of America's Best Hospitals.An old family friend just read this post and reminded me how my mother (her broker and a realtor for 30 years) used to always ask the babysitters, housekeepers, hardware store clerk and la...
We have been on the hunt for a home for over 6 months. In our new community, realtors spend more than I've ever seen on marketing material for homes that sell before they actually hit the market. We have put in several offers on homes just to be outbid (yes, we've put in full-price offers.) Somet...
As a small business coach and designer of people and culture programs for top companies, I've been thinking about the similarities between golf and business. We all know the value of golf: more valuable face time with clients, better/faster relationships, level playing field for people of all age...
“Today is Sunday”Forward this to 15 friends. Within 7 days you'll get another Sunday.It really works! One of my friends ignored it and he got Monday within 24 hours.
There are few days I'm not proud of my team, but today I am besides myself.One of the challenges I've had with Small Business USA and our program - although being incredibly successful in driving results - has been that there is a sub-sector of small businesses that we've been unable to support. ...
I have this conundrum, and rather than toy around with theory I thought I'd bring it right to the experts.  True or false: The seller's agent should NOT be present during showings. Here's what was shared by a selling agent:  "(having the seller's agent present) is a huge turnoff for people. They ...
Has the Upswing in Our Economy Made Us Prematurely Fat, Happy and Vulnerable? Let’s face it. Depending on what you’re reading these days, the global economy is still a bit tricky. I often wonder, not being an economics major, how we can say the economy is better when we’re not spending more money...
Last night a fellow entrepreneur posted a very upsetting post. She went on to say how she was done with fakes, cheats, liars, and so on and so on. This was no ordinary rant, it smelled of an entrepreneur scorned. Unfortunately, it left far too much to the imagination and was not a very savvy busi...
A Lesson Every Entrepreneur Should Learn from Jazz Legend Les Paul Les Paul, jazz entrepreneur and his story of determination and perseverance In honor of what would be Les Paul's 100th birthday, I thought I'd leverage him as an example of perseverance, determination, and unwavering spirit. Les P...
We do Ask The Expert calls every week. Our standard number of impressions is somewhere around 10,000 business owners each week. An amazing thing happened the day we hosted an Ask The Expert call about women in business and the challenges they face- we had over 1.5M impressions. What does that tel...

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