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The Massachusetts Home Inspector Standards of Practice (SOP) is unique from other States. Read the blog for insight on what makes a MA Home Inspection different from other States.



A vacant home may develop a fowl smelling odor, one possible reason for the odor may be from sewer gases.   When showig a vacant home make a point to run the water at each of the faucets.  This will keep the right amount of water in the trap and keep the sewer gases out of the house. The drain tr...
A Home Inspection Report is not the same as the Standards of Practice. A home inspector (outside of Texas) may create a home inspection report any way they want as long as it meets the State requirements. Often times I receive a blank or template report form from an inspector asking me if their b...
More and more buyers are getting home inspections and adjusting their offer based upon the results of the home inspection.  So what should the seller do? The first thing the seller should do is a Home Inspector Check Up.  Does your state require home inspectors to be licensed?   If so, it would b...
Bathrooms are required to have a sink. Does a bathroom sink without an overflow satisfy the sink requirement? In my opinion, a bathroom sink without an overflow does not meet the requirement.  A bathroom sink without an overflow is a flood waiting to happen. It also throws me out of my routine.  ...
Many home inspectors use moisture meters when performing a home inspection.  So what do the numbers mean? Wood Moisture Content (WMC) according to a study at Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service provides the following guildelines: WMC - Wood Moisture Content - Weight of water expresse...
Ground fault interrupters are designed to protect from electrical shock by interrupting a household circuit when there is a difference in the currents in the "hot" and neutral wires. Such a difference indicates that an abnormal diversion of current from the "hot" wire is occuring. Such a current ...
Most States require that a Home Inspector report on cross connections. Most home buyers I speak with do not know about cross connections.  There is a very good paper from the University of Southern California (2004) on cross connections. Approximately 400 homes were surveyed. A cross connection i...
While on an inspection of a renovated older home it was quite warm in the house, the impression of a good heating system.  It seemed like a nice touch that the seller put a few more logs in the wood stoves to have it toasty warm on a cold day.  In reality there is a Steam heating system in the ho...
It seems like the foreclosure situation has caught the attention of first time investors.  I was on an inspection for the second time on a fixer upper.   Well we didn't know it was a fixer upper until we got a closer look at the house.  The house has potential, yet some of the work to be done req...
Some States require more than others on the Site Inspection, Ground Inpsection, or grounds included in the exterior inspection.  You may be interested in the ground water level on the day of the inspection. The US Geological Service has a "real time" service available to check on ground water, st...

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The Massachusetts Home Inspector Standards of Practice (SOP) is unique from other States. Read the blog for insight on what makes a MA Home Inspection different from other States.