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I need to vent...I just had someone tell me (once again) how great it must be to be a Realtor. I drive a Cadillac (it has 140,000 miles on it), I have a nice ring (it's fake), I must make a lot of money.... Let me tell you that 30% of my commission goes to my office/Broker, and then 15% goes to t...
I just read where somebody was wondering if it's safe to be a Realtor. Let me tell you my story....I was showing one of my marina listings out here on Bethel Island when I slipped and fell and went into the water with a VERY big client of mine watching. I was unconscious, he had to help me out, m...
Okay, so I have some very savvy, sophistacted, mature buyers who are looking to purchase but who are reluctant to do so until they have their $15000 tax credit. What if it never happens? What if it does? What is the best way to get the word out about this? Should I do a blast e-mail to my clients...
HELP! I am in desperate need of a bona fide Deutsche Bank contact. I have a client looking to buy a piece of property that they acquired and we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find someone to help us, does anyone know anyone there???
I am so proud to say that my office of about 25 agents has just marked a milestone of closing 500 transactions this year, and the secret to it? Just doing it. Stop trying to be the next new gimmick, stop trying to be the agent for everyone, stop trying to do the impossible. Qualify your clients, ...
Holy Cow! I don't think I have ever been so busy showing and selling Brentwood, Oakley, Antioch, Discovery Bay. And now Concord and Pleasant Hill. Mostly it's for investors, but the "little guy" is jumping in too. ALL of my listings have multiple offers and almost all of the offers are for over a...
You won't believe it, but today I was told by an agent in my office to whom I had submitted an offer and accepted the counter, that  should "control my client" because he decided to NOT buy the property. We had a FIFTY FOUR page home inspection report, and even if this buyer was a millionaire I w...
Of course it happens like this, I am getting ready to leave my beautfiul home in Brentwood California and all the places I love, Bethel Island, Oakley, Discovery Bay, for Mystic Connecticut so the Mr. can interview for a postition with a company he has been repping for for years. And wouldn't you...
Sometimes I feel like I just can't do enough for my clients, and that there expectations are way out of my price range. I will do everything in the world that I can possibly do, however I have to work smarter, not harder. I can door knock neighborhoods, send out cards, do open houses, but if I am...
So here's the deal...I have this listing in Summerset, an active adult community in Brentwood, CA and I receive a phone call today from an agent who says that she has an ALL CASH buyer for my listing! GREAT!!! I think...then she proceeds to tell me how wonderful her buyer is....they have a house ...


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