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From our camp to yours....shh...that's my wife and she doesn't know I put her on AR...hehehePlant a tree and clean up the forest better than it was when you got there. Sometimes others leave there garbage behind. So I always take some extra trash bags to clean up after them. And if the next perso...
Here is a few Pictures of mt. Baker and twin Lakes from a camping trip last year in late August. As you can see, their is still alot of snow and the river is running very fast. It was a beautiful day. The picture of the mountain was taken from the drivers seat while driving up to our camping spot...
My son is in Colorado springs and may start looking at property soon...VA eligable....would bee looking at having a few friends rent to help pay the mortgage. He is in the Air Force, and has been for 8 months in security Forces...He worked Homeland Security for 3 years prior. maybe looking for a ...
I know alot of Realtors that only believed in Real Estate as an investment. And now they are avoiding me...why?Is it because of the houseing market, and now they are getting stuck with properties going down in value? Properties that can't even be sold for what they paid? As a Financial Advisor, I...
Yes it has been! And a very interesting one at that. I have been on AR for a year now. I have learned alot from other Mortgage guys like Jeff B. Andrew and Tracy. I have had some laughs with many of you. And some disagreements and arguements with a few. But everyday I learn something new, meet so...
I would like to move back to of these days...I would be looking at being self Employed doing Mortgages and Financial Advise. I want a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home....I only look at my house as an investment first, then a place to live comfortable. Kids are grown, so it is just me and the ...
Remember the movie "Enemie of the State with Will Smith a few years back? How much of it is true? Can they really track us by satilite? Can the government really keep track of us like that. We continue to give up our rights, cell phones can be tracked, it's for your safety incase you get lost, th...
I am in the Loan Business. Bank or Broker your RE loans, Call me, I can do it. So, I already know all the reasons to use a Realtor...yes and all the legal reasons too. But I actually get alot of calls from people that ask my opinion...and I can always recommend a few thousands Realtors. But does ...
Lets see if this really works
 I use to laugh whenever I heard this as a young man. I didn't really understand how someone could not just change their mood to focus on what they wanted. I was always very good at staying focused.I played football, and was a wide receaver and defensive corner, so I had to be focused on one thin...

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