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My blog is intended to provide information related to home inspections in Seattle, surrounding communities and anyone else interested. Sometimes I will provide information that has nothing to do with home inspections. Enjoy!
I wish vented crawl spaces would just go away.We could then turn the entire conversation into a discussion about conditioned crawl spaces. It is still the norm to have vented crawl spaces in the Northwest.  New vented crawl spaces are being built every day, in numbers much greater than conditione...
I would never try to escape Inspectors frequently have to deal with pets left at home at the time of inspection. I really appreciate it when they are either gone or corralled somewhere in the house. On a recent inspection the agent had warned me the cat would try to escape and sure enough, as so...
It may not be the Turkey that makes you sleepy. Carbon monoxide from an electric ovenCooking the turkey for hours can introduce considerable amounts of carbon monoxide to the home during the cooking process. Turkey has a component that has been attributed to that nap after dinner. Others hypothes...
If you have a Rheem tankless water heater or are thinking of getting one, you should be aware they have a little noticed requirement in their installation instructions it might be wise to think about or consider.Note the 3rd bullet point.  While the 2nd specifies the unit must be properly grounde...
Once-upon-a-time, grandpa was working on a junction box in the basement when he came in contact with the neutral of a multi-wire circuit for the dishwasher/disposal. He had shut the circuit down but because there was no handle tie–the neutral was still energized.He got such a shock he fell off th...
There is a recent move for sellers to not only have pre-listing inspections done, but to use the pre-listing inspection report as a means of promoting the sale of the house. This includes, in some cases, the sale of that report to prospective buyers for a small fee. This helps the seller recoup t...
I was working through some old posts today and I thought I would copy and paste some snippets of the posts into Google to see if these were posts I had already done on my own website.Post after post returned zero results in Google.  Occasionally the results would show up in posts sent to my AR ou...
Is there actually a conspiracy or just a huge misunderstanding? Listening to agents we get one perspective, listening to inspectors we get another, and listening to clients we get yet another. It seems all parties to the transaction act as if there is some established “standard” that home inspect...
Modern tight houses can easily become depressurized when exhaust fans are turned on. What this means is there is no place for the air to come into the home to replace the air that is trying to leave.If there are gaps around door weather-stripping, or gaps around window sashes or similar locations...
Today marks my 10th year fooling around on ActiveRain, and admittedly I am not as active a participant as I was in the past or would like to be in the future.  May you all have a happy holidays and a great new year.  Who the heck can believe it is 2018 already---weren't we all just the other day ...

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