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If you can't see the newsletter, or would like to view it online, use this link If you have received this newsletter indirectly and would like to be added to our weekly distribution list, use this link     Provided to you Exclusively By Chad R. Beard   Chad R. Beard Branch Manager US Financial M...
    Accelerate Your Home Ownership  US Financial Mortgage has just introduced a brand-new mortgage called the Home Ownership Accelerator that could dramatically improve the speed and lower the cost of paying off your mortgage. It does this by replacing your mortgage and your checking account with...
What about this new Revolutionary Loan sweeping through America? "The Home Ownership Accelerator"What makes this loan pay off sooner? Directly deposit of your income into this mortgage. It has an immediate and dramatic impact on your principle balance. With this loan, interest is based on your da...
Hello all,Yes we are expanding, when others are going out of business.   TELEMARKETING MGR./ APPOINTMENT SETTER            We are Looking for an experienced Appointment Setter With managerial experience. The right candidate will possess skills In dialer Mgmt., personnel motivation/coaching, emplo...
    Provided to you Exclusively By Chad R Beard   Chad R Beard US Financial Mortgage Corp. Office: 586-552-8850 E-Mail:     For the week of Aug 20, 2007 --- Vol. 5, Issue 34Last Week in Review "A DAY MAY SINK OR SAVE A REALM." Lord Alfred Tennyson And indeed, many saw Friday mor...

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