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So much emphasis is placed on learning to be a great listing agent and we often fail to realize how critically important it is that we know how to effectively and efficiently work with buyers! I get it!! We all know that the "top agents are listing agents" and that they have "buyer's agents" to d...
DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU ONLY NEED TO EARN ABOUT $36,000/YEAR TO BUY A $177,000 PROPERTY?   Rising interest rates means less buying power, the longer you wait to invest in a home. Let's talk more!! Even if you don't know if you (or someone you know) can invest or if you even feel "ready", GIVE ME A ...
So many people these days are at the end of their rope. I certainly know that I am. This economy has hit a lot of people very hard and I'm not invalidating that. The thing that I've found, however, is that being at the end of your rope can have the most amazing affect, should you allow it to.The ...
My sister sent me this quote yesterday, courtesy of Michael J. Fox: "Happiness is a decision". Hmmmm, happiness is a decision. That's not exactly an amazing quote, from literary standpoint, but how profound for all of us on an internal level! This is a man who has been battling Parkinson's for ye...
I recently became involved in an amazing netowrking group, called the Contribution Networking Party. It is not only an opportunity to meet great people and build great relationships, it's a catalist to change our world. The power of Contribution and the Law of Attraction and everything that goes ...
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