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Are we all waiting for the next shoe to drop?  The mortgage Industry... the subprime foreclosures... the overinflated market... wait thats 3 shoes.I am finding that all my clients are concerned with the stability of the market and the wisdom of purchasing property now - when the subprime foreclos...
Hi There all you activerainers out there. I am here to report that I had stopped blogging for a couple of months because my business and children were demanding all of my time and I had not seen any activity that showed me that blogging works.  But then...  I just received a call - a referral for...
I had a coaching session with my manager today and the one thing we hit on was the tendency to find clients that require a tremendous amount of service.  I know this is part and parcel with how I used to attract business - I tried to do more - for my clients.  But I find this takes too much time ...
I have a client who is trying to get into the market - they qualify for either of these loans?  What are the pro's and con's?  I have a conservative nature and I always think that fixed is best - especially now that the market is turning and the interst rates are low, but can any of you agents or...
There are a few things I learned in my earlier career as a set decorator in NYC, doing commercials and TV shows that help me in my real estate career.   Here are a few inexpensive tips, if the home is vacant and you cannot afford to stage the entire home. (Here in San Diego this can be very price...
I have been so busy this fall that sometimes I feel that things start to slip through the cracks and I must admit active rain is adding to by problem - it is so interesting that when I should be making lunches instead here I sit...  Blame it on active rain -  Anyhow... back to my story. My oldest...
This is my second Blog entry and I have learned many things from reading Active Rain for the last few weeks - it took me a little while to understand what it was as have never blogged before, but I have learned tips to making my Homes For Sale look better, I have discovered how to post on Craigs ...
I think I should start this blog by simple stating - I have never written a blog before and I have never really read one either - so this is an experiment in Real Estate?  Technology?  the hidden world?   Let me keep this simple.   Who read this and why?  Information on technology for Real Estate...


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Writing about San Diego's North County Real Estate.