A few of my latest 'before' and 'afters': Personalize your own free slideshow design
Here are a few shots of my latest work. These photos actually show a few rooms of my three most recent stagings. One was a vacant flip, the other two were occupied stagings. I actually find the occupied homes more work than the vacants. I think it is because I have to deal with all the 'stuff', t...
This is a stage of a 3 story downtown home which was essentially a bachelor pad.  With some rented furniture along with my own inventory, I staged it to appeal to the young professional.  It had a conditional offer in 2 days!                          Master bedroom BEFORE                         ...
It's March 25th and you think we would have some let-up of the snow and poor weather...But no, an unexpected (not forecast) storm 2 days ago and now this...up to 25 more cms of snow, ice pellets, freezing name it.  But the worst part is the wind, up to 100km/hr which whips the snow aro...
  Today, on a rare, sunny and windless (but cold) day, my husband and I hiked to the most easterly point in North America, Cape Spear. Cape Spear is just outside of our capital city St. John’s.   If you don’t know where St. John’s, Newfoundland is, just look as far east in North America on a map ...
This past summer my husband and I vacationed in Boston and New York and we saw some awesome things!  But the last couple of weeks of vacation we stayed at home in Newfoundland and acted as 'tour guides' to our friends who were visiting from Ottawa, we saw some sights we hadn't seen in...
(When I refer to 'art' I mean anything that hangs on the wall for display.  It may be paintings, portraits, photos, metallic art, collections (plates for example).1.  HEIGHT   We often hear we should hang our art at 'eye level'.  But who's eye level? Eye level when sitting or eye level when stan...
LIGHTING TIPS Volumes can be written (and have been written ) about lighting. Interior lighting  influences the whole feel of a home. The style/finish of fixtures, the type of bulb used, the lumens, the placement, etc. should all work together to give a particular house an appealing atmosphere. ...
This is great info... people often ask about the proper height to hang lighting fixtures....and I think the diagrams say it all.  Sometimes gets the point across better than words! As a Home Stager in Fairfield county, Connecticut, I often consult my clients to change lighting fixtures in order t...
  With the recent proliferation of TV reality shows about home staging for selling, I suspect that many sellers and also many realtors believe that these shows portray what home stagers do....which is not always the case.  What does a home stager REALLY do? A well trained home stager does NOT go ...

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