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Remember that Do No Call list "thing?" Well I do! The reason I bring this up today is that I listed my own parent's home last fall.  We took it off the market, withdrawn temporarily, and on Saturday it "expired."  Unfortunately for them, I had not taken their phone number out of the MLS so they h...
You know, when you want to call a company and register a complaint, most legit companies have a mechanism to do that.  Well I've been trying to call Countrywide all day.  At every number I can find for their "complaint" line, it eventually ends me up to a recording saying they can't help me right...
Here is an email I received this evening.  Unfortunately it is not unusual and I frequently get emails, calls and comments on my blogs from frustrated homeowners seeking HELP from their lenders.  Here's one that clearly wants to keep their home.  I don't know their situation, but surely if Wells ...
Today, while perusing the website I came across a couple of areas I thought were interesting enough to pass along. First of all, NACA is the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America.  NACA is a HUD certified counseling agency and provide non-profit advocacy. For those who have ...
For Wachovia customers in danger of losing their homes, Wells Fargo is announcing a new program to help Wachovia customers in danger of losing their homes in foreclosure.   As outlined in an article today in Forbes,  it is noted they will provide a reprieve thru the end of February for almost 500...
I have access to some fabulous Contra Costa County statistics and beautiful visual charts, so thought I'd share some local Contra Costa cities and their median pricing by zip code.  Here is Walnut Creek:      
I was listening to talk radio this afternoon on the way to an appointment to show homes.  Gil Gross of KGO 810 Radio was talking about mortgage companies... he was talking about REAL PEOPLE trying to call the  mortgage companies for help.  You know, all that stuff you hear on the news, "the banks...
So, of many of the big lenders, I hear a lot about Countrywide.  They're here to help people. They want to work with people.  They want to help people avoid foreclosure.  Awww, its warm and fuzzy isn't it? Actually from the Countrywide website their Code of Ethics features : Doing the Right Thing...
This is a post a long time in coming.  I'm tired of flakey agents.  Let me explain. (and as an addition here since I'm already getting complaints - I realize fully that the BANKS are the ones pushing into these impossible situations - believe me, I know that) I do a lot of short sale listings.  W...
I have a phone to my ear.  I've literally been on hold with Citi's short sale dept for over 40 minutes this morning.  I need to find a way to escalate beyond the negotiator on the file.  Here's the situation.  They approved the short sale.  BUT, buyer's appraiser could not appraise it at the purc...

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