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Now is a great time to invest in arizona real estate. Here is a list of properties goint to auction for laveen Arizona in Maricopa County Let us know if we can help you with this process. www.azequityproperties.com480-588-2211 ext 9 Situs Address City Zip Yr Schd Date 5206 W BOWKER ST LAVEEN 8533...
Looking at the Arizona Real Estate market and how the new immigration law (SB70) will have an affect on Arizona Real Estate over the next 6-12 months makes for quite an interesting investment conversation. First and foremost, the prices on homes in Arizona are at their lowest since the 1990's.You...
Investing in Arizona Trust deeds is similar to acting as the bank.  Yet, being creative with the borrower who may be looking for a 2 year hold and flip helps yield a greater return on your real estate investments. Note that there are 3 parties to most investment Trust Deeds. A borrower, a lender ...
Maximizing investor returns in today's real estate investment market has many facets.Do you flip the property that you just bought at trustee sale or do you hold, rent and wait for the market to appreciate? When making this exit strategy decision, there are many variables to consider. One importa...
Arizona Maricopa County Foreclosure investing is hot with positive cash flow programs using your Self Directed IRA Using your Self Directed IRA for Real Estate puchases has many benefits: This enables Real Estate Investors the ability to maximize their real estate investing while paying no capita...

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