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Michigan has been in the news a lot recently when it comes to depreciating real estate, record foreclosures, unemployment, declining new home starts, etc., etc.  You can choose to listen to all of the pessimism and sink back into your scarcity mode or you can choose to look for solutions and have...
Contrary to what you'll be hearing in some of the media outlets, this .25% cut in the funds rates does not equal a .25% cut in long term interest rates.  Yes, it will affect short term rates like the Prime rate (this is the rate a lot of the Home Equity Lines of Credit - HELOC and credit cards ar...
I've been getting a lot of inquiries into these Mortgage Accelerator programs where you open up a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and use this as your day to day checking account.   Your payroll deposits becomes your mortgage payment and then you pay all of your monthly expenses as you incur t...
We have been saying for months, that the mortgage market meltdown happening across the country right now is not Michigan's biggest problem. Our biggest problem is the loss of about 5,000 Michigan residents last year and thousands of jobs.Now for the rest of the story.... 1. The Accident Fund Comp...


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