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Creative Agent Solutions offers services to both real estate professionals and real estate virtual assistants alike. Our greatest service advantage as a virtual assistant is helping real estate agents and business professionals LEVERAGE TIME!
Optimize your text links...what does this mean???? Well, if you are a real estate agent in San Diego California one of the key terms you might want to be optimized for is 'San Diego California Real Estate' or 'San Diego California Home Sales'By optimize I mean, increase the chances of people sea...
What are the Top 5 Ways Home Buyers Find Agents??Click here for the answer and learn what this means to you...
Let's say you needed someone to post to your blog and maintain your website leads.  For example you have approximately 36 leads per month that come in through your various websites and you have 2 blogs that need 3 posts per week. It takes a virtual assistant about 20 minutes for 1 blog post. 2 bl...
Virtual Assistant Directory Finding a Virtual Assistant in your area has never been easier!If there is not a Virtual Assistant listed yet in your state please contact us directly. Below you can: Locate a Virtual Assistant in your state/time zone Browse Virtual Assistant profiles, specialties, tes...
We have the luxury of going 'onsite' within our local Phoenix-metro real estate community.  That's right!  A virtual assistant actually wants to go to your office and be a bit more hands on!!  Currently we speak at renewal hour classes for SEVRAR.  Now we want to come to your office and play a ha...
I would just like to say thank you to the VA Directory. I just partnered with a great client that was sent to me through an RFP through the VirtualCAS website. It has been a positive experience and I am hopeful that clients will continue to see the value of a virtual assistant. Kristin MinughAll ...
Yes! That's of the major benefits of working with a virtual assistant is not just the seamless support they provide. With a Virtual Assistant on your team you no longer have to keep up to speed with the constantly changing world of softwares, CRM's, websites, platform updates, etc. DO...
Hello,I just wanted to take a moment to pass along what Sandi Logan from Florida wrote today.  Sandi Just signed up a couple of days ago in our VA Directory in Florida.  If you would also like to be listed in our VA Directory visit this link
Just in case an almost paperless process was not enough to sell you on the idea of working with an online transaction coordinator we'll let you in on another added benefit...easy transitioning if you decide to go to a different broker.If you are currently utilizing an office coordinator that rest...
We would like to announce our affiliation with Webographers.  Our first partnership!!Webographers specializes in technology training like blog systems, virtual tours, online forms, and a lot more.What does the Webographer Certification offer:The REW™ Certification is a web-based, scenario-driven,...

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Creative Agent Solutions offers services to both real estate professionals and real estate virtual assistants alike. Find a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) today by visiting our
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