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Two Riders on a Trike.  It is a hot day and a ride seems like a great idea!   There is always Time to enjoy a summer  Trike ride.  Looks that the  rider is busy with other thoughts as they  head down the road.  Can't remember if this was before or after the successful Lemonade Stand!
About a year and a half ago the daily inventory for the Vernal, Utah Area, Uintah County, was between 50 to 60 residential properties a day. Since then we slowly reached close to 350 properties each day. I am glad to report that during the last month we have been getting closer to 250 per day.  T...
It is again canning season in Utah. At the request of my daughter we grew a couple rows of beets and yesterday we harvested some of the larger sizes thinning the crop. We decided to do pickled beets getting 9 pints which I think look like jewels and they smelled so good! The recipe used was from ...
We put together a 6 1/2 lb barrel for Tumbling and Polishing a group of rock that we have found all  in Utah.  The group is mostly agate, with a few pieces of Petrified Wood and after the included photo some agate from another area was also combined in to fill the barrel. After Tumbling for about...
The President has signed a new Bill that will help Home Owners and Buyers.  As Agents we need to study and learn what the benefits are for our clients.  I am sure there are many views on whether or not the Bill should be but since it is we will want to look for the good in it and be informed.   I...
  This photo was taken on Diamond Mountain by Vernal. Utah in Uintah County. I love a beautiful sunset.  I used this on another post and a few people said they enjoyed it.  We have a piece of property here that we call "The Cabin Land".  Someday I hope to have a cabin there but in the meantime w...
When planning your viewing schedule be sure and add the Cash and Treasures Show on the Travel Channel.  After watching some of the series shows we have added quite a few new places to our planning to get there list. One of our favorite adventures was to the Peace River to collect fossils.  Great ...
Fish For Prizes in Uintah County Utah!   Find a red tag on the fish you catch at Red Fleet  or Steinaker north of Vernal, Utah and you might win one of many fun prizes.  Originally 100 fish were released but since no one has turned in a tag more will be released.  It is all part of a Family Fishi...
The family went fishing  on the 5th of July.  Rounds Park was perfect since everyone had something to do.  Go North from Vernal, Utah and turn left onto the Red Cloud Loop Road.  Rounds Park is a few miles down the road on your right. Dad helping ME! Cooking smores or four wheeling for a break   ...
I spent the last few days looking for property in Owings Mills, Maryland.  My son is heading out that way for Medical School and is hoping to find a home to buy.  There were definitly lots of choices and many foreclosures and short sales in the condos and townhouses we were looking at. While they...

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