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  Home in LaPoint,     Utah by Vernal, Utah   Stay At Home and Earn An Income   Includes Home, Large Shop and Kennels For Boarding Dogs   Zoning   Commercial           In a Rural Setting Adjacent to BLM Land 9.75 Acres           4 Bedroom           1 3/4 Baths         2100  sq ft.   2 Car Garage ...
It takes some figuring to decide what will help you and is financially beneficially.  The same changes or choices are not right for everyone. Take some time and evaluate your debts and the choices to improve your monthly and long term situation. Following are two calculators to help you. Consolid...
With the New Year it is always good to evaluate our spending habits. We may need to make wiser spending choices as the economy effects each of us in some way or another.  I can see ways that the economy will effect me even in a good housing market. A simple way to get an idea of how you can impro...
There will be a new revised FICO formula, where your credit card balances will matter more and little missteps will be less important.  The information on the new FICO scoring can be found in an MSN Money  article by Liz Pullam Weston TransUnion will be offering the new score to lenders in late J...
I have written about the New Recreation Center in Vernal, Utah and I am becoming a more frequent visitor.  Water Aerobic in the evening are a great addition to my heathier lifestyle resolution. I am trying Wii Fit and hope it will be an encouraging motivator also. Good Luck on your new years reso...

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