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Today I had to run to the market for a few things.  A normally uneventful exercise, to be sure. As I was standing in the checkout line I was eaves-dropping (yes - I admit it!) on an elderly gentleman (I'm estimating somewhere around 90) was talking loudly to the cashier.  They were, as you would ...
Well, we are having some snow.  By comparison to other places I've lived this is not a major snowfall, but for this area it is, apparently, significant. While sittiing at my desk I can look out over the deck and watch the birds that are targeting a suet block.  One of the advanages of a home offi...
With the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Day comes a lot of reflection.  Reflection on a time when we, as a society, were intolerant and unwilliing to understand the importance of cooperation.  Cooperation by ALL of us. I have been watching the story of Rosa Parks and doing some thinking.  A...
Alert!  Alert!  Alert! If you are interested in historical homes, historical areas or just history in general, then you have come to the right place to get started.  Alamance County is chock full of wonderful hidden gems.  One only need to drive a short distance to enjoy the changing industrial l...
In the world of today it is much too easy to become consumed by the negative reporting that permeates the mainstream media.   The biggest problem with the very generalized reporting that comes to us each morning with the news shows, or every evening with our dinner, is that the world of real esta...
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This is a little late for the New Year, but I still found it to be funny - as well as sad, poignant. insulting, contradictory, insightful, outside the box, inside the lines, over the line and downright ... well ... on target. I hope you can chuckle as much as I did.  Don't take life so seriously....

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