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As we celebrate Earth Day today, I am taking inventory of the things our family has done in the process of reducing our impact upon this earth. Let me say that I've made it my passion to reduce our family's energy consumption because I have a son in the military and I prefer to have him home prot...
These days is difficult to look in any direction without seeing green. However all this green may be insulating people to the cause and taking us away from the original purpose of this movement. There are many reasons why people are going green and a great many of them seem to be to get some more...
I hear many national experts giving their opinion about the real estate market and I find their opinion to be as accurate as someone on the space shuttle trying to pick a red, sweet juicy apple from space. With today's technology he may be able to see the trees - he may even see the apples. But o...
The foreclosure crisis is now affecting renters, too. South Florida is continuing to grow, albeit slower than before, but still at a good pace in relation to the rest of the country. With consumer confidence at an all time low and fears of the real estate market, many of these new South Floridian...

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