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Michael O'Keefe is a former software company employee who on lunch breaks would grab a bite to eat from Foster's to support his neighbor's local business. Michael and his family moved from Virginia to Milton around this time, Shawn Foster, Michael's former neighbor and owner of Foster's Grille de...
The below article is about the Atlanta School Board's recent ban of sagging pants...I have mixed feelings...yes, people should be able to express themselves freely, however as I look back on my life I can think of many times when I should have listened to my elders.  I think this is a good move. ...
Do you have a Yahoo instant messenger account or AIM?  Would you like to network?  I would.  If you'd like to share ideas and network then send me an email with your screen name and I'll add you.
Does anyone know how to create a custom banner/header in Point2 so that it "stretches" across the whole website?  I have the graphic created, but can't figure out how to "stretch" it across the screen.  Please contact me ASAP if you know'd be greatly appreciated, 630.336.7320
I need some opinions...I have a marketing background and have only been working in real estate the past year.  Our team currently has a listing that is on a busy road, it is a great house...priced right, and beautiful (5167 Lake Forrest Drive).Our number one objection is that the house is on a bu...
Are you confused about the real estate market in Atlanta?  For a complete report of factual information about the Atlanta real estate market, visit  The site is in its early stages of development, so check back frequently for updates.  Also, please provide any suggestions...
If you are looking to find out information specific to the community of Roswell, Georgia, be sure to check out the RKi Team's latest development, SoldonRoswell.comThe site is in its early stages, however it will prove to be a great resource for community specific information pertaining to Roswell...
12/03/2007 least some of it!As 2008 approaches, we (RKi) are revising our overal marketing strategy.  We have always been heavy into internet marketing and in 2008 we intend to enhance this presence. We plan to use ActiveRain as a way to "push/pull" people to our community specific websites.  Thes...
In recent weeks, the well-documented drought in North Georgia has given us more reasons to conserve our precious water supply.  While countless efforts are underway at government levels to tackle the drought, it is important that we as apartment owners and managers step up in a big way.Water cons...
Atlanta BeltLine Inc. and NE Beltline LLC has bought the northeast section of the BeltLine corridor from developer Wayne Mason for $66 million. The section is a 66-acre, 4.5-mile section of the Atlanta BeltLine in northeast Atlanta. The acquisition gives Atlanta control of a 20 percent of the rig...

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