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Tame the Toilet: Drop a teaspoon of Tang Drink Mix in the bowl. The citric acid acts like a scrubber and it’s nontoxic, in case the dog takes a sip. Let it sit for a few minutes, then swish and flush. Make Doors Shine: Rubbing a teaspoon of lemon oil on glass shower doors twice a month causes wat...
The secret behind Burberry's recent growth ... marketing by and to Millenials ... Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts shares how they did it:   Are you tapping into the Millenial market? Do you look to hire Millenials to be part of your team?      
#1 First thing you do is change the locks of the new home! Do I need to say why? I did not think so! #2 Remember to have your mails forwarded to your new address! You may also need to have your address updated at important institutions.   #3 Do not give junk a free ride! Before you move, sort thr...
 Spring is almost over but there is time to get the kitchen some love before summer rolls in. Here are a few tips to get the job done: 1. Circle Your Way Around: Always begin on the right side of your stove, then move clockwise around the room. The stove is typically the dirtiest part of the kitc...
  Make your home sparkle — starting at the curb. Try these simple ideas for cleaning the driveway, gutters, garden beds and more. Washing Off Dirt and DebrisSome pressure washers come with an assortment of color-coded spray tips. Each one has a different spray, from the high-pressure pinpoint spr...
The nights are hotter these days and it will get worse during summer. This week we share some tips for a cooler night rest! Tip #1 - Choose cottonSave the satin, silk, or polyester sheets for cooler nights. Light-colored bed linens made of lightweight cotton are breathable and excellent for promo...
  Summer is coming up! Who is excited?!  Sure that many of you are planning to travel so here are some travel planning tips that will save you time and stress this year! Tip# 1 - Book dates and purchase tickets early. Early selecting of dates and desired seats makes travel much less stressful. Th...
In Dominica and probably other places in the world there seems to be a large percentage of persons interested in living in the city despite it’s over crowdedness and noise pollution.  We boast about the natural beauty of our country Dominica but are we really enjoying it?  If you travel a bit ar...
Happy Easter!  But ... what is Easter?   This sentiment is often met with non-chalance, and even a confused look sometimes.  Many of us do not ponder and commemorate the true purpose of Easter.   Easter is not about bunnies and eggs! But ... what is Easter? Read on for the true story!   "For God ...
Growth is when you transcend what you have been taught and you apply what you have learned. - Jillian Jno Charles   Knowledge is power.  Knowing is the impetus of many great achievements, revolutionary changes or small differences that change our lives.   Knowing however is never enough.  Accumul...

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