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Near to the beach, river and main airport, this 20,076 square feet portion of land in North-End, Marigot, Dominica, is an excellent property to construct a large family residence.  The home is near to Pagua Bay House and the new owner could explore the possibility of setting up a small guesthouse...
Photo credit: topnewstech.com  Property management is the supervision of residential or commercial real estate and involves the managing of property that is owned by someone else. The property manager acts on behalf of the client to act as a care taker of the property while generating income. Com...
Photo credit: planner5d.com The size element is important to any design concept. Before any design is executed, the available space must be considered in order that whatever item, whether functional or decorative, that is placed in the space has adequate room for its placement and is proportionat...
Photo credit: arprentalhomes.com You have finally found the perfect place to rent. It is moving day and you are thinking “How can I make the best of my stay here? What should I do to be the best tenant I can be?” Well these 6 handy tips will show you how to make your time at the rental as pleasan...
Photo credit: mareblue.com We are back this year to remind you to be vigilant as the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season has officially begun. While you should have already begun preparations to safeguard you and your family, we thought we'd share this article with you to ensure that you are Hurricane...
Photo credit: diyandcraftsideas.com We cannot discount the natural sense that many people have of design but when designing with an untrained eye, you either hit or miss terribly. Our architects have been trained in design, and thought it would be helpful to share with you some of the elements of...
 Photo Credit: telegraph.co.uk Lately we have all felt the harshness of the unforgiving sun. It is paramount that we safeguard ourselves from the adverse effects of the rising temperature, such as heat stroke. Heat stroke is a form of hyperthermia where an individual’s body temperature is elevate...
Photo credit: strategiesonline.netPainting the walls of your home is a very important task. From choosing the right paint colours, ensuring that paint is applied properly, and taking measures to make the paint last longer, there is a lot to consider. Today we offer you 5 house painting tips to ge...
This mega entertainment complex for sale in Castle Comfort, Dominica, is an excellent investment opportunity for a shrewd investor. It houses several separate areas that make it suitable for multiple events such as concerts, conferences, night-club/disco, movies, large dinners, parties, etc. The ...
One of the most exciting milestones in an individual’s life is building their own home! Choosing the right home design that both suits your personal taste, and meets your functional needs can seem difficult, however when you know what to look for, you realize that it is not as hard as you thought...

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