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  Lovely, fresh and green indoor plants add to the beauty of any home and can actually clean and freshen the air. They add to your room decor with their color and texture but also contribute to your air quality by giving off oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis. There is nothing worse than en...
In following with my Green philosophy about building, home ownership, and healthy lifestyles I thought back to my past trying to figure out where I started to become a believer in the good earth and all the benefits of "Living Green." I thought back to my childhood where I was raised in Upstate N...
These are simple and to the point steps that every homebuyer should understand. I sold real estate in the Pascack Valley, Northern Bergen County NJ for over 15 years where most people utilized the services of an attorney. Currently, I am licensed in Pennsylvania and serve clients in Philadelphia ...
Going green, greening your home, green building, green real estate, green businesses, green cars...it can all be a bit mind boggling, don't you think?  Everyone is being told the message...going green is the right thing to do.  It saves the planet, will make life easier for our grandchildren, bla...

Cathy Moskal

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