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There has been a lot of comment recently about the Chick Fil A restaurant chain and their taking a public position on the subject of gay marriage.  Dan Cathy, company president and son of the founder of the Atlanta based operation, confirmed in a recent interview that the chicken restaurant chain...
Before we enter the peak of the silly season of political commentary and blood sport leading to the November 2012 Presidential election, I thought it would be fun to comment on one of the new HBO dramatic series running on the cable giant's satellite feeds.  I am an unabashed fan of Aaron Sorkin ...
You may have read about the DNS changing malware that has been in the news recently.  The virus impacts your ability to access the dns system which is the address capability for the internet.  The virus, if you are infected, will become a problem tomorrow July 9, 2012.  People I have spoken with ...
In a surprising and somewhat chaotic bit of news from the Supreme Court, it appears that the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) has survived the challenge of the various states - a victory, of sorts, for the Obama Administration.   I have not yet read the opinion - and may comment further lat...
Many of us feel that the technology requirements for our real estate of internet marketing offices are overwhelming.  We manage to master a new technology and watch as the next big thing arrives and nudges us back into the dust bin. Now video presentations are more and more important to our sales...
I usually take this time to present Mr Lincoln and his Gettysburg Address or one of several patriotic songs in my collection which commemorate the service of our military members where, as one current song reminds us, all gave some while some gave all.  Memorial day for me is not a picnic –  it i...
In recent conversations, I keep coming back to our current economic problems and where we can invest in the future to solve these problems.  Over decades we have allowed  our educational institutions from elementary and secondary schools through colleges and universities to become dominated by bi...
It takes a while for a dispute to reach the Supreme Court of the United States.  But the second challenge to Obama Administration policies came before the Court last week.  The first major challenge concerned the Constitutionality of the ObamaCare attempt to revise the health care insurance struc...
Former Senator Rick Santorum has suspended his campaign for the White House. Full details at NewsMax  I think the upcoming primary election in his home state of Pennsylvania caused Senator Santorum to reconsider his position and, perhaps, led him to walk away from the table with hi...
I recently commented on a post from Jeanean Gendron of Redding California concerning HDR techniques to improve our MLS photos. But I finally noticed that her post was originally dated in October 2011 –  somewhat limiting the audience for my comment.  Jeanean made several important points in her p...

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Blog title: Sound and Fury is from Shakespeare's Macbeth. The quote: "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
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