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Today, it seems that most Buyers are convinced that they must have newer, shinier, larger, granite, stainless and/or tile. A house must have all the modern conveniences, all the bells and whistles, and be the best in the neighborhood. Is it me, or has the modern home become more of a status symbo...
Jury Duty - We all at some point and time get called upon to perform our civic duty and report for jury duty. Once we fulfill our commitment, then we are not obligated to report for at least three years. Today I had jury duty. It was a beautiful September day and I reported (just barely) at the a...
Have you ever had a color analysis done? It can be fun and it has to do with skin tone, eye and hair coloring. There are four seasons for the color analysis and you will generally fit into one of them - Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Which colors make you look your best?  Check out Fashion Sen...
Let’s talk about your homes security.   Everyone loves their stuff and most individuals are hoarders by nature (when you are willing to admit it).  With all that “stuff,” and this includes pets and loved ones, you need to be conscious about securing your property. During difficult economic times,...
It was a grey kind of day for the kick off of the Jazz & Blues Festival at the Pinehills in Plymouth MA today. However, regardless of the bleak weather, there was a decent gathering at the Village Green.   It was my good fortune that I was in the area to be able to catch a good portion of the set...
BIG UPDATE to "Want to Turn Your 1000 Active Rain Points into $3,000?" I had an email conversation with Bob Stewart and as a result, I have nominated Active Rain for the Shine A Light Contest! At first I did not believe that they would qualify, but Bob has assured me that they do! For all that Ac...

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