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I have been an interior designer for over 30 years and I love teaching my clients the principles I use while decorating their home. The home staging trend in residential real estate is a great way to reach more people every day and what I enjoy the most is they are learning the basics of good design through staging. It is my dream for every person to know the joy and pride of living in a decorated home.
I was in San Diego County recently and I was in my car looking for an electronics store when suddenly this truck and trailor (gardener?) shot by me on the right and he was leaning his head out the window shouting obscene words and making obscene gestures and I wondered what had made him like that...
It is time to share my most requested food to bring to any and all occations concerning family and friends. It used to be my potato salad but no one wanted to wait. (I will also share my secret for my prized potato salad at the end of this recipe) 10 hard-boiled eggs (10 minutes) 1 TBSP your favo...
I am embarrased to say I have been a very pale green lately. yet on the other hand, I am painting with no VOC paint so I see a pattern in myself, a learning curve if you will, where I embody the new green techniques then want to learn more. I am at the more part. I very much want to go the the gr...
Selma...I Love Living Here! There, I said it!  May the comfort gods find peace at least for the moment... My problem? Perfect weather vs. ultimate convenience; As an example; I picked my brother up from his new little house is Selma to take him to the bank. In those days I was still smo...
There are so many groups in Active Rain now it is overwhelming! I am still learning after 1 1/2 years as a member. I meme'd one of my favorite bloggers Deborah Pearce and what did I find? She posted her meme to a Travel Group. What??? I did not know we had a travel group! How perfect for me, I ca...
  I love cooking with fresh herbs from my own garden. I love braking off an aloe vera leaf, split it open, and rub it on a burn to ease the pain or a cut so it won't scar. I love adding rosemary and mint to my bath (and mojito's). I crave a deeper understanding of their healing powers and uses. A...
I am a true Californian who was smack in the middle of 2 major earthquakes. The first time I did not know what it was! I thought it rained all night and my house was sliding into the LA River (one house away). By the time I got outside, it was over! The stunned look on all my neighbors faces wer...
            My hats off to Becky  Zimmerman, Interiors by Decorating Den for taking First Place at the Window Fashion Envision Design Competition held in Atlanta for 'Whole-Room Integration. I don't know Becky and she does not know me but her approach to this window is brilliant. No swags, scarv...
Welcome Sylvie Aubin to Active Rain. She is a professional organizer and home stager all the way from France and found me through her research in Active Rain. Sylvie is one of 3 home stagers in all of France. She ordered my forms and materials from my web site to help her build a solid foundatio...
Don't get me wrong; I know EXACTLY where I am! (if I don't, I have people who will) I'm somewhere between too much metal and not enough wood and I am on the lookout for two turtle doves, really! How did I get here...AGAIN? Due to my deep interest in feng shui, I decided to Google Alert 'feng shui...

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