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I have been an interior designer for over 30 years and I love teaching my clients the principles I use while decorating their home. The home staging trend in residential real estate is a great way to reach more people every day and what I enjoy the most is they are learning the basics of good design through staging. It is my dream for every person to know the joy and pride of living in a decorated home.
I am thrilled to introduce Joyce Emory to the rainers. She is a power house Realtor as well as a Ninja Selling trainer. Joyce is going to be a great asset around here and get us all pumped up the Ninja way. She is a very busy person so I hope she will find the time to dance in the rain and get al...
                                                              Jeff Turner has such a way with words and now the refrigerator? As I am reading his delicious post and comments I thought I would go visit my refrigerator and see what wisdom my family holds dear. I won't go into my list here but what ...
Active rain is like college. You can go sit in on your favorite instructor's class for a few minutes pick up some tips or ideas or a concept, apply it, then run to the next class for a minute or two, then if you loose your concentration you can just take a break for a day or a minute, you can pas...
After you take the quiz and total your points, scroll down to the bottom of the window and see how much style you really have.When you shop for your home, do you say...It's so cute - I'll find a place for itI better buy it now while it is on sale and I will make it work I finally found one that i...
I have often wondered why banks and restaurants put their businesses right next to each other and I always ask "Why build your business right next to your competitor? Then someone answered my question with this; "If you want to do your banking you go where the banks are. If you don't like someth...
I have discovered a way to pedal in the rain!Is your back end getting as wide as your new wide screen PC? I have had an Internet business for almost 2 years now and I am taking notice the shift my body is taking...eek! Then along came Active Rain and it is confirmed...I am spending way too much ...
What you get for the money:Residential Resale Staging Evaluation Checklist Forms - Leave your worries behind! This is a complete 18 page checklist that identifies every aspect of your home from the curb to the shower. Identify what can be left as is and what needs repair, replacement, or removal ...
Gina Dougherty from AR, her significant other, and me, sat down in the back row with our coffee in hand not knowing what to expect. The theme of the day was "The Inner Circle". The president of the Mark Victor Hansen organization introduced MVH and the show began.Before we knew it, MVH was having...
Mark Victor Hansen, author of One Minute Millionaire and co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul Series, is a powerhouse of inspiration and had the room on its feet more than in their seats. He is funny, brilliant, and influential. He and his entourage of power hitters such as Roger Hamilton who i...
Have you noticed how the weather is changing? Yesterday I had the air conditioner on in my car at noon and this morning we could find snow in the valley! Global warming is so evident. I am very concerned that people in general forget to do what they can to slow the global warming down because our...

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