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In challenging markets...like the one we currently face...it's difficult to find new clients. Why would you even consider firing a client? Purely and simply, even the best client relationships can turn bad...and when they do, it's time to end them by firing the client. Most of us are too busy to ...
Subscribe Federal Reserve governors, unanimously proposed tough new consumer-friendly disclosure rules for mortgages and home equity loans last month, tackling one of the less-appreciated causes of the nation's deep financial crisis. After 18 months of study and consumer testing, the Fed's divisi...
Subscribe Despite efforts by the federal government and banks to stop the home foreclosure disaster, frustrated borrowers are still battling red tape and delays in their attempts to negotiate lower payments, even as hundreds of thousands of them lose their homes every month. Banks say they're swa...
 Subscribe The worst U.S. recession in 70 years should end over the next three to six months, judging by recently released data that showed that the economy's contraction eased considerably from April through June. The Commerce Department reported that the economy shrank at an annualized rate of ...
Subscribe Hi all, have an older car or SUV now is your chance to get a vehicle that gets better gas mileage and get 4,500.00 from the government to do it!! The governments Cash for Clunkers program (C.A.R.S.) began stimulating the economy a month before the first rebate check was cut to a consume...
Subscribe Following are the top 7 reasons why it's better to buy than rent in 2009 1. Buying doesn't always cost much more than renting. According to a recent study by the Associated Press, the gap between monthly mortgage payments on a median-priced home and the median rent has decreased from $7...

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