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I took the sales core course at the Delaware Real Estate convention in Dover. I will just point out a couple of things that were brought to my attention that I was not aware of. First is that a deposit is not required with a sales contract to get it ratified.  Of course we all get deposits and pr...
This past Wednesday I took a course in green homes at the Delaware Real Estate convention in Dover. The class was taught by a gentleman who founded a design company call Although I do not practice all elements of green living for practical reasons and monetary reason, I practice as ...
As part of the stimulus bill, the government will be handing out about $300 million dallars to the states for rebates on energy-efficient appliances like freezers, refrigerators, furnaces and central air conditioners. Similar to the clunkers program -- the goals are to stimulate the economy and i...
This is a followup to the last blog on University of Delaware and grant money. The University of Delaware Sea Grant College program along with Lewes Board of public Works has given $2000 each to a feasibilty study for solar energy on Lewes rooftops. Since air conditioning is used mostly during th...
These are my words from a news jnornal article. Elsmere is one of 7 towns in Delaware that is trying to turn themselves into a more excercise friendly town. Working with the University of Delaware, Elsmere and Dover are planning a more pedestrian friendly place to live. The other towns are Bridge...
For those who keep up with the wind power in Delaware, here is a little run down. It is still alive, although the company has had difficulty getting finacing fro the project. A group of investers is considering helping out the company. I will give more updates as they come in.
The State of Delaware throught the Delaware energy office is offering incentives to make your home more energy efficient. The office is offer grants up to 50 % for the installinion cost of Photovoltaic, Solar Water Heating, Wind and Geothermal renewable energy technologies. This is in conjunction...
The article I posted previously needs to be explained in hopes that more people may read it. This article was originally posted in a major newspaper by an employee of AIG. This is a different point of view from what was plastered on the new media about AIG bonuses. It makes you wonder how many pe...
This is an e-mail sent to many agents in Sussex County from Chris Schell and with his permission. Very interesting reading, enjoy I feel morally obligated to send this out since I wrote in my recent email to you all how disgusted I was with AIG’s irresponsibility regarding Credit Default Swaps.  ...
Here is an update on the blue water wind project that delaware has. An avian study was started about a year ago and will take 2 years to finish. The study is part of the application process. They are currently evaluating serval ports for the construction phase. According to Blue Water they are vi...

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