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Earlier this year, DelaWind had announced they were working on a plan to build wind-turbine towers in Delaware. As a part of the project Amer Industrial Tech which developed the idea dropped out of the  project. DelaWind has withdrawn its application for $350,000 from the State economic Developem...
There is a Winter storm coming from the South that is supposed to hit Delaware sometime this evening around 6.P.M.  It will be relatively not much snow, but the totals are supposed to be around 1 to 6 inches depending on what part of the State you are in. On another note, this is the last weekend...
As a part of the President's plan to lower the nations unemplyment rate, he wants to provide incentives to retrofit homes to be more energy effciient. The plan would also promote energy efficiency and clean energy jobs.  Thet would spend 8 billion from the 787 billion stimuls program.
There is a relatively new program in Delaware called the Delaware foreclosure mediation program. The program came about by a Superiour Court order in September.  At the same time that a lender orders foreclosure notice they are required to notify homeowners they have the option of requesting medi...
Foreclosures notices in November dropped by 8 percent.  The excact number was 307,000.  Filings are still up from a year ago. On another note Lowes is now offering do it yourself solar panel.  They cost 893 per panel.  They will be plugged directly into a circuit breaker.  They weigh 40 pounds an...
Valero refinery recently announced that they will keep the refinery at Delaware City idle for a year until they tear it down.  That gives the State some time to negotiate with Venezuala in possibly restarting the refinery. On another note, the number of homeowners that are underwater dropped. 14 ...
The Westown development off of rt. 301 has big chucks of land that sits undeveloped because of the recession.  There is halted construction along with empty homes. Stores such as Walmart, Kohl's, Target , Home Depot and Wawa were successfully built.  It is sad, but my opinion is that there is a b...
  Interest rates for a 30 year mortgage dropped to 4.7%, the lowest rate since 1971.  The rate was disclosed by Freddie Mac that began tracking the date in 1971.  The previous low was 4.78% this past April. The Federal reserve is pumping over 1 trillion dollars into buying mortgage backed securit...
The State of Delaware is considering merging the school districts to save millions.  It is interesting that we have had numerous referrendums pass for tax increases for various project and most have recieved approval from the voters.  Where has all that money gone for the referrendums if all of a...
i hope everyone had the kind of Thanksgiving that you hoped it would be. Mine was the typical one where we went to a family members house along with about 20 other family. On some local news, Delaware is trying to find a way to use the Delaware City refinery now that it is closing down. My thinki...

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