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Lance Armstrong says "I make up my time going downhill". I like Lance. I kind of look at my business that way. This buyer's market is killing some Realtors. But my business has never been better. That's the difference creativity and proactivity makes in this business!
I've been studying Search Engine Optimization in relation to another venture I'm involved in. And I've been testing some of the concepts I'm learning on my real estate website, What I'm finding is that if I find a couple good keywords I want to promote my site around, and then s...
Giving starts the receiving process. (Richard Robbins) If you have a gift and don't give it away, you don't get to keep it. (Marianne Williamson) Givers gain. (Business Network International) I could go on about giving. And probably will later. I spend a lot of my time working with For Sale By Ow...
Every day people ask me about the state of the market. Well, kids, all the stats say there are a LOT of homes for sale out there. That typically extends the time to sale, and depresses prices. Buyers are more picky today than when there were fewer homes to choose from. So if you're selling, it's ...
The Cincinnati Enquirer did a front-page "slash and burn" job a few weeks ago about the state of the Cincinnati real estate market. It felt really wrong to me, since the production boards at my office are loaded with recent activity, and my business is booming. So I decided to take a look at the ...
The art of selling a home. It's all about getting people into your home to see it. The more people we can get into the home, the faster that person will show up who can't live without buying it. There are fewer serious buyers out shopping these days. And there are a lot more homes on the market. ...

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