Now it's official! Bank of America who had previously invested $2 Billion in the struggling mortgage lender has now "officially" announced that they will be acquiring Countrywide for a total $4 Billion dollars!From MarketWatch, Mozillo is quoted for saying:   "We believe this is the right decisio...
And guess who's buying if at all?BANK OF AMERICA!  That's right! Bank of America has the "Right of First Refusal" (ROFR) in acquiring Countrywide. In this case, Right of First Refusal means that Countrywide is giving Bank of America the first option on entering into a business transaction with th...
If you're blogging and in Real Estate, you know of, and have read the work of Seth Godin ( Right?Well, we’ll talk about him in just a moment. For now, Valeria Maltoni at Conversation Agent discusses some statistics worth mentioning over at her home blog: www.ConversationAgent.c...
From Hiring in the U.S. slowed more than forecast in December and unemployment jumped to a two-year high, raising the odds that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates by half a point this month to ward off a recession. The jobless rate increased to 5 percent from 4.7 percent i...
Some of you have asked about SISA (Stated Income/Stated Asset) loan programs. Let's have a look: Scenario: Owner Occupied (O/O), Single Family Residence (SFR) or Condo FICO = 680 (minimum requirement) (1) One Loan at 95% Loan-to-Value (LTV)Loan Amount = $396,150 Stated Income/Stated Assets (SISA...
The Mortgage Banker's Association announced the new Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System today; the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) and the American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators (AARMR) are the owners of the new venture. The intended aim?The NMLS will bring greater u...
Well, we're almost there...the New Year that is! (Yeah, sign is backwards...NO I'm not drunk!) I've made a lot of new friends this year here on the network and I've met with some of you face-to-face. With others I've shared some great phone conversations and it seems like we already kno...
I wish everyone the Happiest of Holidays!!! Here's a video I came across and loved and just had to share :)
El servicio se llama "Opt-Out".Bajo crédito justo que divulga el acto (FCRA), el crédito de consumidor que divulga a compañías se permite incluir su nombre en las listas que son utilizadas por los acreedores o los aseguradores dichos para hacer las ofertas firmas de crédito o del seguro que no so...
Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Consumer Credit Reporting Companies are allowed to include your name on lists that are utilized by said creditors or insurers in order to make firm offers of credit or insurance that are not initiated by you (these are known as "Firm Offers"). The FCRA ...

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