The short answer is: A contract guaranteeing the current mortgage market rate in the event Stocks rally like they did yesterday. For an expanded definition, READ HERE 
The Dow closed at 299 yesterday, up from a 300 loss. Remember what I told you about the Economics of Interest Rates? More money in Bonds translates into lower interest rates! Well, we're seeing a slight movement back into Stocks translating into a deterioration in mortgage rates. As such, we exp...
Last year you lost touch with a handful of customers! Though some of them suffer from the "tomorrow mentality" (in other words, they'll never buy a piece of Real Estate because they're always preaching "tomorrow" will bring a better deal), there are some that you actually truly miss! You have th...
Mortgage rates are low! Now typically, I'm not one to sell the whole: "Now is the perfect time!" "Rates are at historical lows!" But... Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, these are the facts, READ: Mortgage Rate Update: January 22, 2008 + Emergency Fed Funds Rate Cut  
Just when we thought it was going to be a slow week on the Economic Calendar, we get this breaking news... Emergency Fed Funds Rate Cut: 75 Basis Points (a.k.a. .75% down to 3.50%From MarketWatch:"The 75 basis-point surprise cut came after global financial markets sold off in dramatic fashion on ...
How many times have you caught yourself uttering these very words? The phone rings and almost instinctively you say: "Hi, who's this? Can I call you back in a minute?"Let me just issue a very sharp warning... Today's eager consumer wants answers now! They want solutions now! If they've taken the...
Remember when you were five-years-old and your mother took you aside, bent over and said"Sweety...NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS! OK?!"Well it's sage advice save for the fact that you're in Real Estate now and your business depends on your ability to turn strangers into friends, and friends into client...
Valeria Maltoni at Conversation Agent phrased it so eloquently:  "What social media does is simply allow you to do one thing: communicate. That's it. Social media is not the conversation. It's the room in which you hold the conversation. It still comes down to saying, doing, or producing somethin...
"How do you know whether rates will remain low?"A client of mine asked me that earlier today!  It was a great question! Rates move daily...but here's how it works... Stocks and Bonds compete for the same investment dollar. This means that investors can choose to invest their money in the Bond Ma...
Whilst Alan Greenspan was our Federal Reserve Chairman, from 1987 to 2006, he was often criticized for having kept rates too low for far too long!   Now everyone is criticizing current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke for stepping in too late to cut rates! A recent poll asked: "Should the Fed Cut Rates ...

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