""Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'    'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cat. 'I don't much care where--' said Alice    'Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat" -- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll  The mo...
In a recent blog post titled "Who Are These People?", Seth Godin writes: "Many bloggers seem to be on a perpetual hunt for the front page of Digg. Sure, it brings you hordes of eyeballs, but then they turn around and leave. What's the point of that, really? I think that are plenty of tips you can...
Here are two articles that you may reference for questions on: Mortgage Insurance & Tax DeductibilityMain Points:  Tax Deductibility applies to mortgages closed in 2007The annual household income cannot exceed $100,000This is temporary. The current legislation must be extended to remain in effect...
..."If you think working with a professional is expensive, wait till you see how much an amateur will cost you!" -- Brian B. So I'll ask you, Have you heard from your Loan Officer since your last refinance or purchase? Does your Mortgage Plan or lack thereof have you saying, IWoulda, Coulda, Shou...
Do you ever stop and think it's just one of those days...I shoulda put gas in the car last night. Now it's early, there's traffic, and I'm gonna be late to work. Uuggghh!!!I shoulda bought milk and creamer from the grocery store, now I'm drinking my coffee black! Eew.. blagh...  If you've been re...
The short answer is: A contract guaranteeing the current mortgage market rate in the event Stocks rally like they did yesterday. For an expanded definition, READ HERE 
The Dow closed at 299 yesterday, up from a 300 loss. Remember what I told you about the Economics of Interest Rates? More money in Bonds translates into lower interest rates! Well, we're seeing a slight movement back into Stocks translating into a deterioration in mortgage rates. As such, we exp...
Last year you lost touch with a handful of customers! Though some of them suffer from the "tomorrow mentality" (in other words, they'll never buy a piece of Real Estate because they're always preaching "tomorrow" will bring a better deal), there are some that you actually truly miss! You have th...
Mortgage rates are low! Now typically, I'm not one to sell the whole: "Now is the perfect time!" "Rates are at historical lows!" But... Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, these are the facts, READ: Mortgage Rate Update: January 22, 2008 + Emergency Fed Funds Rate Cut  
Just when we thought it was going to be a slow week on the Economic Calendar, we get this breaking news... Emergency Fed Funds Rate Cut: 75 Basis Points (a.k.a. .75% down to 3.50%From MarketWatch:"The 75 basis-point surprise cut came after global financial markets sold off in dramatic fashion on ...

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