The fact is, it can be tough coming up with enough money for a down payment! Say you needed 10%... 10% of $400,000 is a whopping $40,000! Calculation:$400,000 Purchase Price x 10% = $40,000 (required down payment excluding closing costs) You've only managed to save $25,000 but you're ready to ow...
Did you know that Arthur Morris is the man responsible for creating the installment loan in (or around) 1910? It was called the Morris Plan (clever name huh) and it was the first stab at making credit available to the average person despite heavy criticism that lending money to working class cit...
I had a pre-payment penalty I had an adjustable rate mortgage, (or worse yet) I had a negative amortization (Neg. Am) loan I had to pay my taxes separately. I thought they were included in my monthly payment (an impound account) My closing costs were rolled into the new loan balance I had the op...

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I work for Diverse Solutions, Inc. a real estate technology firm based in Irvine, CA. We offer Mapping IDX Solutions and a WordPress IDX Plugin to make real estate agents more successful. Overall, I'm passionate about marketing and technology for the real estate industry!