Though specifics haven't been released, the rumors seem to be confirmed. I'm sure you'll hear more as the day progresses tomorrow.The Wall Street Journal says:"The news is a setback for the Bush administration and its efforts to combat the housing and mortgage mess. HUD, usually out of the spotli...
03/30/2008 the heck does it all mean?   In a way, Twitter is micro-blogging. It's an extension of your online community... We use it to communicate with our fellow Twits (a.k.a. friends) like you would through instant messenger, we use it to update ...
   And this coming from a guy who said, "Don't you dare buy a home right now, you'll lose money!" -- J.C. It just goes to show that even the heavyweights get it wrong from time to time. But boy this one had to hurt!   Maybe you'll enjoy this video clip too!  If you liked this article, consider s...
The same guy who said, "don't you DARE buy real estate now, you'll lose money!" --J.C.
The financing terms for the purchase will look like this: $29 Billion @ 2.5%10-Year Adjustable Rate Sweet deal huh? I'd certainly say so! READ ON  [Source: CNBC] 
...that Warren Buffett, in addition to being a stock genius, is also a bit of an actor?Heck, maybe the news isn't so breaking. But it sure is interesting.  I was going to compile a list of top Warren books but it seems already has the perfect list. My favorite picks are here: CLICK THRO...
The wikipedia definition of having confidence is: "the state of being certain that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective given the circumstances." Confidence is showing: It's the way you feel after a successful interview. It's wearing high heels to work because they make you fee...

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