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Your attitude plays a lot more into your life than just seeing the positive.It spills over into much of your personal lives also.It can even have an affect on the people you  know and love.But, we must be careful not to let the attitude get out of hand.To much and you could chase people away.  
A friend who has had much more snow than I have and itshould be the other way around said he has found the culprit. And he and the neighbors are taking things into their own hands.It is a vigilante type of justice. I can't say I agree with them but I do understand the frustration they have.   I t...
Having rentals is more than rent it out, collect the money and spend it.There are repair  issues.Some are major.My slush fund for my rentals is large enough to handle an emergency.This morning one of my rentals furnace went out.Called my go to guy.New furnace.  $3700 for  a cheapy, $7000 for the ...
WE have very little Snow here in North Branch, MnWE have received mostly rain.People were happy they didn't have to shovel it.Well, now they are cussing it as it turned to ice.People are falling and getting hurt.Not much we can do.We salt and sand the roads, driveways and highways.But it gets exp...
WE are seeing a few cases of the flu in the area.Many different strains of the common cold.It has been said to wash your hands time and time again.I see many hand sanitizers all over the desks of people. How ever you do it, keep your hands clean! 
Just a gentle reminder of our pets and farm animals.We have had a lot of wind the last few days.Most animals can handle the cold if they have a full shelter from the wind.Any shelter from wind and the elements helps them stay warm. Look at your animals living quarters.  Would you stay in them eve...
Not that this day is much different from any day.There are few days that I am not with a client.But, be that as it may I felt a chuckle is in order to start the day.Hope this brought a smile to  your face.Make it a great day.
WEll, it was as fun night.WE had dinner with some friends.They are a hoot.They pick back and forth all the time...All in good fun.But the funniest is when he started talking about her driving.Once,she was backing out of the garage and backed right into his brothers truck.  $2500.The one day she b...
Buyer's, Listen up!When you are buying a new home...stay the course.What I am talking about is don't do anything new.No new credit cards.No higher balances.No major purchases.No new car.NO NEW JOB!   This may be ok if a large pay increase is part of it, but check with your loan officer first.Unde...
Just Google it I hear all the time.If you need to know something, you don't need to research it.The hard part has already been done.Done and categorized  waiting for the call.Now days you can hardly go to the bathroom without Google knowing about it.I wonder if God is using it today?       

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