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Well, you need to be careful of what you ask for.We needed some snow for insulating the ground.So in the last week we have had 2 good amounts of snow.The forecast is for 2-3 storms that will drop another 12-16 inches if we get the direct hit they are talking about, So, yes, we must be careful  of...
Racing is big business.It makes no matter what it can be.CarsBicyclesRunningHorsesIt could even be turtles!So for the betting person it doesn't make a lot of difference.Just show me where to put my money down. So in this race it is between 2 racers.My money is on number 2. This should be a great ...
It is cold, sorta, in Minnesota.So we need to make our own fun.Ice and snow sculpting is part of almost all winter festivals.Sometimes the sculptures are small and at times they are large and intricate.At any point, they are fun to see and only around for a short time.I wish the guy would close t...
Here we go.  /another round of snow on it's way.It will be one of the largest snowfalls for this year,although 12 inch snowfalls is not unusual.The stores have been busy with people stocking up on the essentials.Milk, Bread, water, BEER!It won't be a storm to paralyze but a good trial run for som...
WE have a wide array of people on this site.They come from all walks of life and all area of this country. I have talked to many but fo me I have not found anyone with our sense of humor.We have learned to laugh at ourselves.  (Not that the P.C. police likes that.)But here is an example of that  ...
Yes, it may be Super Bowl Sunday but I have baseball in my blood.The Twins just had their Fan weekend  with  a  meet the players time.I know tha pitchers and catcher will be reporting in a couple of weeks.It is a sure sign of the spring sport opening it\s sleepy eyes and hearing he ump yell... PL...
One day my wife told me to do as I want,So I went fishing all day.Well, when I got home I was asked where I was.I told her and she said I didn't say diappear all day.Well, that was not in the order.So, I am now much more careful when  I am giving free range.     
Well, I am hearing all kinds of stories because of the cold weather.They are the same as every year.We humans have very short memories.WE many times forget the weather from a day or two ago.So this aimed at dog owners...   I am assuming that this is very true!
Well with the cold many of my friends are heading south for a get away.One couple has never left town in 25 years.For me, I am happy right here.Yes it is cold.Yes I am working hard to keep warm. But you know what...I feel really good about every aspect of my life in this sometimes brutal area.But...
The weather is going back to mild.And the buyers are starting to stir again.Above temps for the weekend.Several clients wanting to see homes and a RARE open house. And then if  I can, I will sneak in some work around the home before the next cold snap.Plus, a few HONEY DO! items I need to get don...

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