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Yes, St. Patty's day is nearly on us.All kinds of corned beef and cabbage dinners are being served.Sadly, One is about all I can eat.I wish they would do them more spread out.Although my wife disagrees.But, green beer will be part of the dinner...maybe more than a couple.Be safe!     
Well most of the Northern States residents are blaming the rodent for the late spring.He got everyone's hopes up and now they are..not happy.But it may not be all of his fault.Things may not always be the way they appear.With that being said, Here may be a twist on the issue of spring not being i...
Living in Minne-snowta, you need a sense of humor.I hear people complain from the first snow flake to the last one that melts,and then they complain about the heat.But, for most of us we embrace the snow.We get outside and play. Oh sure, the shoveling is a pain, but just do it. Here is a great ex...
Procedures will start in a couple of days now for my wife.But I have a hard time at least not stopping in to give a smile.It helps me stay sane.My wife is a trooper.And I feel helpess as I can't do much to help,Please take and enjoy!  Not so funny but so true
I am waiting for the snow and ice to go away so I can try out some new lures.Although I do not go with a bunch fo guys, I am a loner most times.Now, the story is cute and I will tell you that if this were me...I would do the same thing! 
Minnesota has had one of the snowiest February's in history.And we are just going into one our months with the most snowfall.I do not have a lot of room to put the snow.The picture shows the snow banks so far and they will only grow taller.I just wonder what the flooding will be like at this poin...
Honesty is very important.Your reputation can be made or destroyed with a single statement.But, many have not been so trustworthy.Some just seem to guess without any real proof of their statements. A dis-honest statement can ruin a day for many others also. So, make sure you are honest with what ...
I had a talk with my banker that rates still are really low.In fact the rates are lower now than a year ago.So those who are ready to buy can still purchase the sameamount of a home as a year ago. Get off the fence before things change! 
Yes, Minnesota in most places has broken the snow fall record for February.And we are not done yet.People are getting upset with the snow.But those that embrace the winter are really enjoying itBut not all are happy with it,Charles Schulz the creator of the Peanuts cartoon said it best with Lucy....
Well, Minnesota is back to it's normal.It had been cold this year.It has not been severe cold but cold.and I feel for the wild life.With the extra snow we have this year the animals are starting to struggle.Food is hared to find under 2+ feet of snow. So if you can spare a little feed they wildli...

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