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If you are currently shopping for a home, it will come as no surprise to you that the current market is very hot, and you need to move very quickly to get your dream home.  If you are about to start looking, buckle up-it’s going to be a wild ride. Take for instance my last listing at 592 Madison,...
A startling trend I see more and more in real estate purchases is when the would-be buyer forgoes a home inspection. In this competitive market, would-be buyers do all types of things to make their offer stand out…shorter close times, all-cash offers, higher earnest money deposits, low appraisal ...
It is that time of year again where people are buying and selling homes, and refinancing their current mortgages for lower rates. Typically our posts deal with the buying and selling side of real estate. Many of you may not realize that I am also a certified general appraiser (it means I can appr...
Today at the credit union, the teller asked if I had any advice or professional tips for her while buying her first house. It is a pretty straightforward question that I have answered many times over my career.  However, this particular time I found myself giving different answers than in past ye...
I've been out of residential appraisal for a little while, however my partner does residential appraising.  I also hear from residential appraisers quite a thing over and over again is fees, Customary & Reasonable (C&R) fees to be exact.One of the reasons I think our industry cannot see...
My Dad used to tell me growing up "...when I was in my 20s nobody cared for my opinion or sought it out, but after I started law school and became an attorney everybody cared what I had to say and thought".  Being in the real estate business for the last 17-years I have had a similar experience a...
Most who know of my most recent leg of my career see that I travel quite a bit for my job.  Most of the travels are for appraisal projects, some are for industry workgroups (I help write the AQB Certified General License Exam), and other travels are for real estate consulting projects.  Most of t...
Nearly 14 years ago, I unexpectedly found myself jobless wih three years of experience and a state appraisal license.  I lacked the Certified General credential required to do commercial work, which was not good seeing nearly all my experience to that point in my career was commercial appraising....
Last week I attended Keith Stonehouse's Realtor and Mortgage Masterminds seminar titled "100 Listings in 6 Months with Justin Ford of Jeff Glover & Associates at Aubrees in Northville".  Justin Ford shared strategies for obtaining listings and taking your career to the next level, all-in-all a pr...
One of the things that I have been told recently, "...Brian, people just don't know what you do for a living".  While I'm sure some people fall into that camp, most people think I do something in real estate.  Naturally when you hear that ambiguous term, you might assume I sell residential real e...

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